Beat The Summer Heat With This Easy Saunf Ka Sharbat Recipe

Beat The Summer Heat With This Easy Saunf Ka Sharbat Recipe
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Summers have arrived in full swing, bringing with them a craving for all things cool. From ice creams to smoothies, lassis, and coolers, we all crave something cool and soothing. While bottled cold drinks and fizzy drinks have their own charm, desi, homemade coolers are not only healthier but also offer an option to customise everything as per your taste. If you’re looking for a delightful homemade cooler recipe, you’re in luck! Jyoti, a food blogger and influencer from Varanasi (@coriander_bunch) has shared her recipe for Saunf ka Sharbat on Instagram. It is both easy to make and delicious.

In her recent video, Jyoti is seen asking her mother if she would like to try some tasty coolers. To this, her mother quickly agrees and Jyoti starts preparing the recipe. With easily available ingredients like saunf (fennel), elaichi (green cardamom),  kali mirch (black pepper), black salt, mishri (rock sugar), mint leaves, lemon, and chilled water, this recipe can be made in a jiffy. 
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How To Make Saunf Ka Sharbat | Saunf Cooler For Summer Recipe

All you need to do is to blend the above-mentioned dry ingredients in a mixing jar until they form a powdered consistency. Then you take a glass and add some mint leaves to it, followed by squeezing fresh lemon juice. Add a tablespoon or two of the saunf sharbat premix to the glass. Add chilled water and stir well using a spoon until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Voila! Your refreshing saunf sharbat is ready. 

The best part is, that you can prepare a premix of the sharbat and store it in an airtight container, so the next time you want this delicious cooler, it’s ready in seconds!
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Viewers of the video have showered love and appreciation for the mother-daughter duo in the comments. “I’m ready for a cool drink anytime,” said one. People have also expressed a desire to try this recipe themselves, saying, “Looks good, will try for sure.” Mentioning how easily her mother agreed to try a new recipe, one joked, “My mother would have asked me 10 questions beforehand.”

If your mouth is watering already and you can’t wait to try more easy-to-prepare coolers, we’ve got you covered with some more desi summer drinks to try.

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