Blackstone To Invest Rs 166.88 Crore In India Annually: Reports

Blackstone To Invest Rs 166.88 Crore In India Annually: Reports
The company has invested 50 billion dollars so far.

The company has invested 50 billion dollars so far.

The company’s senior managing director Amit Dixit announced on Wednesday.

The Blackstone Group, a global private equity major, showed confidence in investing 2 billion dollars per year, in the country. The news was announced by a top representative of the company. Here are more details on the story.

The Chief Operating Officer of the company Jonathan D Gray, discussed the measures to take for a smooth business flow in the country with a company like Blackstone. According to more information, these measures included fast approvals on mergers and acquisitions, the listed companies privatized with ease and improved resolutions for any dispute in commercial matters.

The New York-based equity major has operated in the country for almost twenty years. As per more reports, they revealed that their investments in the Indian private equity sector, have given them the highest returns on a global scale. Moreover, the company’s major investments in real estate have cemented its position as the largest landlord in India, a testament to its success here.

The company’s senior managing director, Amit Dixit told the media, “We plan to invest around $2 billion every year in India.” So far, the Blackstone Group has invested 50 billion dollars (Rs 4172.4 crore) in the country. After its existence, the company’s assets in the country currently are reported to be 30 billion dollars (Rs 2503.25 crore). Its investment team consists of 75 people, operating from Mumbai. Their work is to look for investment opportunities through various sectors.

Amit Dixit predicted an increase in the asset value over the next five years, which stands at 25 billion dollars (Rs 2086.1 crore). It includes the 17 billion dollars (Rs 1418.5 crore) made through new investments, while the remaining 7.5 billion (Rs 625.8 crore) is based on the value creation from the existing portfolio companies, which invested but have not exited yet.

Jonathan D Gray praised the efforts put in by the government mentioning the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and the Goods and Services Tax, as he gave suggestions for reforms. According to him, a merger and acquisition deal takes two years in the country, while in the US it only takes weeks.

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