Chandni Chowk Trail: The Most Famous Foods From The Oldest Shops You Must Try

Chandni Chowk Trail: The Most Famous Foods From The Oldest Shops You Must Try
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Delhi street food is synonymous with Chandni Chowk. You get the most authentic and the most delicious street foods in those bylanes, you possibly can’t get anywhere else in the city. We all have friends and family coming over from other cities with a visit to Chandni Chowk on their agenda. For you and your guests, we have brought to you a stop-by-stop crusade of Chandni Chowk that you can follow to get the most out of your visit there. We are talking about the oldest shops in the area (more than 100 years old) still selling the most lip-smacking Delhi-style food that you can’t get anywhere else. They are a legacy and being a true Delhiite, you must try these shops at least once.  

As soon as you reach Chandni Chowk, just head over to Dariba Kalan, a market famous for jewellery but also offering some delicious foods. Start your Chandni Chowk street food trail from there. 

Chandni Chowk Must-Try Places: 

1. Old Famous Jalebi Wala – Dariba Kalan:  

This jalebi shop is over 200 years old but their jalebi is as popular today as it was back then. Their large-sized, juicy and sweet jalebis will make you crave more of this delight. 

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Jalebi is a much-loved Indian sweet treat.

2. Paranthe Wali Gali: 

After having a serving of yummy jalebis, move on to Parantha Wali Gali to have those fried, satiating paranthas from the string of shops there. Have the usual aloo or paneer prantha or go for the unusual ones like rabri paratha or papad paratha. There are close to 60 varieties of paranthas to choose from. 

3. Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner – Opposite Paranthe Wali Gali:   

You just can’t go to Chandni Chowk and come back without having chatpata chaats. Dash off to Natraj for dahi bhalla or aloo tikki with the crispiest tikki, or both. They are made with drool-worthy sweetened curd and are garnished with anar chutney and banana pieces too.                                                                                                                                                                                      

4. Gole Hatti – Fatehpuri: 

From Parathe Wali Gali, scuttle to Fatehpuri. If you love chole kulche and keep having it on a regular basis, you’ll forget about all other places after having it from Gole Hatti. The special chole has almost no oil but tastes divine with the pairing of the soft, spongy kulchas.  

5. Giani’s Di Hatti – Khari Baoli: 

Just a few steps further lie this gem in Khari Baoli – Asia’s biggest spice market. Giani’s Di Hatti is the undisputed winner for selling the best rabri falooda. The heart-warming taste has not changed even a bit since they opened shop and it still wins the hearts of Delhiites. You should know that this is the first-ever outlet of Giani’s in Delhi.   

6. Kake Di Hatti – Khari Baoli: 

This tiny eatery is famous for authentic north Indian food. Our recommendation is to try their aloo paneer naan paired with palak paneer. It is so tasty that you’ll keep going back for more. 

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Palak paneer paired with naan tastes delicious

7. Shiv Misthan Bhandar – Kucha Ghasiram: 

Their special halwa nagori (mathri) combo is always in demand for breakfast or for an evening snack. Also famous are their plate of poori aloo and jalebis. 

Make your Chandni Chowk trail a success with this guide. Thank us later! 

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