Dev Patel REVEALS Shah Rukh Khan Was The Inspiration Behind Monkey Man; Credits Irrfan Khan For THIS Reason

Dev Patel REVEALS Shah Rukh Khan Was The Inspiration Behind Monkey Man; Credits Irrfan Khan For THIS Reason

Dev Patel, in a recent Reddit AMA session for the promotion of his directorial debut in the action thriller “Monkey Man,” revealed the influences behind his cinematic journey, notably his admiration for Shah Rukh Khan and the lessons learned from Irrfan Khan. As “Monkey Man” awaits its global release in April, Patel, who also stars in the movie, engaged with fans, discussing his directorial approach, the challenges of crafting an action film, and reflecting on his childhood.

During the session, Patel was asked to name his favorite Bollywood films and those that inspired “Monkey Man.” He straightforwardly answered, “Anything Shah Rukh Khan does.” He further shared insights into working with cinema legends across Bollywood and Hollywood, highlighting the profound impact acting alongside Irrfan in “Slumdog Millionaire” had on him, crediting the late actor for teaching him the “importance of stillness.”

In “Monkey Man,” Patel portrays Kid, a character seeking retribution against the corrupt leaders responsible for his mother’s death. He described the process of bringing “Monkey Man” to life as intensely challenging, facing “absolute catastrophe” regularly. The actor-director recounted how he persuaded financiers to keep the project alive amidst numerous setbacks, including the initial shutdown due to COVID-19, losing key crew members, and having to relocate shooting to an Indonesian island to maintain production within a bio-secure bubble.

Patel detailed the production hurdles faced, including equipment failures and the necessity to film scenes using his mobile phone and GoPros. He also humorously noted the repeated recycling of breakaway tables for stunt sequences, highlighting the innovative solutions the team employed in the face of obstacles.

The inspiration for “Monkey Man” has been with Patel for over a decade, rooted in childhood influences from Bruce Lee movies and tales of Hanuman from the Ramayana, shared by his grandfather. He envisioned a young man in a gorilla mask partaking in an underground wrestling ring as the central image for his film.

“Monkey Man” tells the story of Dev, an enigmatic young man participating in an underground fight club. Wearing a gorilla mask, he endures nightly beatings from more prominent fighters for cash. This journey of suppressed anger leads Dev, fueled by his past traumas and distinctive scarred hands, on a vendetta against the city’s corrupt elite, seeking justice for the wrongs inflicted upon him.

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