Han So Hee SLAMS Boyfriend Ryu Junyeol, Questions His Silence on Hyeri Issue: ‘I’m Frustrated…’

Han So Hee SLAMS Boyfriend Ryu Junyeol, Questions His Silence on Hyeri Issue: 'I'm Frustrated...'
Han So Hee shares and deleted a lengthy statement on Instagram.

Han So Hee shares and deleted a lengthy statement on Instagram.

Han So Hee penned a lengthy post in which she clarified a number of things and expressed her frustration towards Ryu Junyeol. The post has now been deleted.

Han So-hee is visibly upset with her boyfriend Ryu Junyeol and his ex-girlfriend Hyeri. The actress took to Instagram and shared her thoughts about everything that has so far happened. The Nevertheless star shared and then deleted a post in which she seemingly slammed Ryu Junyeol for his silence ever since she and his ex-girlfriend got a battle of words. In a now-deleted post, she confessed she is frustrated with the ways things are.

As shared by Pop Base on X, Han So hee wrote, “I’m also frustrated because one of the parties involved is staying silent.” She then deleted the post and penned a long statement in which she poured her heart out. “I’m tired of any further speculation. Pursuing happiness in life has brought me to this point. After meeting various people, I realized that wasting time due to superficial judgments was futile. Now in my thirties, I’m no longer young and am seeking direction in life. It was during this journey that I met this person. It was exactly in November 2023 at a photo exhibition (our first encounter). I will ignore nonsensical comments claiming prior acquaintance. There was no such connection – not even the bear at home was a gift, but rather purchased via KakaoTalk in 2021,” Han So Hee clarified in her statement.

“Unlike my naive dating days, where looks seemed like everything, I’ve learned that they aren’t everything. I felt healthier both physically and mentally as I embraced more daring aspects of myself. I felt it was a necessary connection, as is often the case between a man and a woman. It’s important to note that I had no intention of disrespecting my former partner’s time. It’s true that we parted ways last year. We exchanged final well-wishes, but it’s not to divulge personal romantic histories or imply transition,” she added.

She slammed the senior who has been making false claims about her and added that she feels frustrated because “one of the parties involved is staying silent, leaving room for speculative articles alleging deceitful relationships,” seemingly hinting at Ryu Junyeol, who has been quiet since his and Han So Hee’s dating rumours first surfaced.

“I want to clarify that I’m not taking sides unless naive, and I don’t want to harm my supporters, fans, or company representatives. I’m writing to protect those I care about. Ultimately, the breakup happened in November, as reported. Regardless of which company is involved, the truth is the truth. I fail to understand why some articles insist on fabricating stories and treating speculative claims as facts. Please provide concrete evidence and refrain from straying off-topic,” she said, referring to Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri’s break up.

“I’m curious about the amusement derived from my ex-partner’s swift rebound. Why label casual messages as desperate pleas, then remain silent about a new relationship four months later, attaching the label of transition without explanation? I seek clarity, not sympathy. Additionally, I’m puzzled by journalists’ aggressive demeanor at the airport. Despite being respectful, it feels like I have no say in how I’m perceived,” she added.

“I understand this post may cause unease at work, but I’m prepared for comments urging restraint. I’m unsure about the mixed signals – whether to explain or remain silent. Hence, I’m writing this to provide clarity. My profession relies on public trust and love. I apologize for mishandling the situation. However, the term “transition” is inappropriate, and it’s not a figment of my imagination. Please highlight where I’ve failed to apologize, and avoid mere criticism without reflection. I don’t wish to engage with those harboring ill feelings or consuming my identity. Lastly, I extend my apologies to anyone affected by this recent issue,” she concluded the post. Read the whole letter below:

She has deleted the post since. Ryu Junyeol is also yet to react to these developments.

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