How To Deactivate Or Port Paytm FASTag

How To Deactivate Or Port Paytm FASTag
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Last Updated: February 12, 2024, 16:08 IST

Once deactivated, you cannot reactivate the same FASTag again.

Once deactivated, you cannot reactivate the same FASTag again.

RBI has allowed Paytm FASTag users to use their balances but they cannot load these wallets with more money after February 29.

Since demonetisation in 2016, Paytm has become a part of our lives. People use Paytm extensively for everything, from small and big payments to FASTag. Most vehicles have a FASTag issued by Paytm, which is linked to their Paytm account. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken regulatory action against Paytm Payments Bank (PPBL). Due to this action, all the services, including FASTag at Paytm, will be affected. So today, let us know what would happen to those who have a Paytm FASTag.

Can FASTag be ported, or will it have to be deactivated? Apart from this, an important question is: how does one switch to another FASTag? The regulatory bank on January 31 ordered that PPBL will have to stop accepting deposits or ‘top-up’ customers’ accounts, wallets, FASTag and other products after February 29. Customers are allowed to use the balance from other accounts, including savings bank accounts, current accounts, prepaid products, FASTag and National Common Mobility Card, until the balance is available.

Here’s How to Deactivate Your Paytm FASTag:

1. Login to the FASTag Paytm Portal. In this, one will have to enter the user ID, wallet ID and password.

2. Now the FASTag number, registered mobile number and many other details required for verification will have to be entered.

3. Scroll down the page and click on the Help & Support option.

4. Now, ‘Need Help With Non-Order Related Queries?’ Tap On.

5. After this, select the option Queries Related to Updating FASTag Profile.

6. Here, one has to select the option I Want to Close My FASTag and follow the further steps.

Remember that once deactivated, you cannot reactivate the same FASTag again.

Here’s how to port your FASTag from Paytm:

1. To port or transfer the FASTag from Paytm, call customer care of the bank to which you are transferring your FASTag.

2. Tell them that you want to switch.

3. Share the required details and the porting will be done.

According to Paytm’s statement, the RBI’s notice does not impact users’ deposits in their savings accounts, wallets, FASTags and NCMC accounts.

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