Jackson Wang’s Bizarre Act On Thai Reality Show Steals The Spotlight

Jackson Wang's Bizarre Act On Thai Reality Show Steals The Spotlight
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Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: February 07, 2024, 19:57 IST

Jackson Wang is a mentor on the show Chuang Asia.(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Jackson Wang is a mentor on the show Chuang Asia.(Photo Credit: YouTube)

The highlight of the show was when Jackson Wang called security on another mentor Mike Angelo who was showing his flirting skills to a contestant.

GOT7 member Jackson Wang has taken the K-pop community by storm with his recent actions on the reality show Chuang Asia. As a mentor on the Thai singing and dancing reality show, Jackson caught everyone’s attention after he jokingly called security on a fellow judge during the competition. The show focuses on finding the next idol groups across Asia and features an interesting judges panel, including WayV’s Ten, Thai singer/songwriter Jeff Satur, Thai/Chinese actor and singer Mike Angelo and Thai/Chinese singer and actress Nene Pornnappan.

The first episode was filled with hilarious moments, particularly when a contestant named Jasmine decided to flirt with Jackson and Ten. However, the highlight of the show was when mentor Mike Angelo decided to play along and left Jasmine speechless with his flirting skills.

A particular segment from the episode is going viral, which features a humorous exchange between contestant Jasmine and Angelo. After Jasmine’s charming interaction with other judges, Angelo decided to test her English proficiency by asking her to spell ‘Cute.’ After she correctly spells the word, Angelo smoothly responds with a pickup line, saying, “No. It’s y-o-u,” accompanied by a wink and a smile. This flirting caused excitement among contestants and the audience. On the other hand, Jackson added a unique twist to the situation by hilariously calling the security.

The recent incident in Chuang Asia, where Jackson Wang humorously called for security during a flirting competition, brought back memories for many Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom name) about a similar incident from the past. South Korean social media users recalled the time when Jackson called security on his groupmate, Kim Yugyeom, who pretended to be a fan during a fan meeting. The amusing interaction was followed by Yugyeom teasing Jackson in a hilarious manner.

Apart from Jackson Wang and Kim Yugyeom, GOT7 also features Jinyoung, BamBam, Jay B, Mark Tuan and Choi Young-jae. The septet made their debut in 2014 under JYP Entertainment. In January 2021, the group decided not to renew their contracts with JYP, leading to speculations about a potential disbandment. However, the members earlier reassured fans that GOT7 are still together and they will continue to release music as a group in the future. As of now, each member of the group is now managed by different companies as they pursue individual activities.

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