Mitchell Starc Response To Rohit Sharma Kevin Pietersen More Runs On 100 Plus Metre Sixes Suggestion

Mitchell Starc Response To Rohit Sharma Kevin Pietersen More Runs On 100 Plus Metre Sixes Suggestion
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There is often a debate in the cricketing world revolving around the idea of awarding more than six runs to the batter for hitting a six beyond 100 metres, with suggestions like 8, 10, or 12 runs being thrown around. Several cricketers have endorsed this notion. Australian left-arm pacer Mitchell Starc playfully remarked on February 7 (Wednesday) that dismissing a batsman’s stumps should count as two wickets if sixes longer than 100 metres were to be rewarded with 12, 10, or eight runs.

In September of the previous year, Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma proposed that sixes over 90 metres should be credited as eight runs, and those over 100 metres should fetch 10 runs. In January 2024, former England batsman Kevin Pietersen took it a step further, suggesting that hits over 100 metres should be considered as 12 runs.

“2 years I mentioned on commentary that I think a batter should get a 12 if he hits a six over 100m,” Kevin Pietersen had posted on X.

Starc gave a clever response to these suggestions during his commentary on the 2nd ODI between Australia Women and  South Africa Women on February 7. When Proteas pacer Ayanda Hlubi bowled a no-ball by overstepping, his co-commentator inquired about Starc’s opinion on the free-hit rule.

Starc humorously mentioned: “Oh, well, look, all the rule changes are made in favour of the batters, aren’t they? Now, they are talking about awarding 12 for a big six. If you knock the stumps out, maybe two wickets then, eh? Next batter doesn’t get a chance to bat!”

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AB De Villiers Take On The Debate

Earlier, in reaction to Pietersen’s post on X endorsing the idea of a 12-run shot, South African cricketing legend AB de Villiers also chimed in, expressing his agreement. While he acknowledged that 12 might be a bit much, he suggested that eight or nine runs for such long-distance hits could be a sound consideration.

“12 is too big, I think 8 or 9(upside down 6) is good. Can’t jump from 4 to 6 to 12,” suggested AB de Villiers.

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