‘Never Liked To Study’: Marathi TV Star Jui Gadkari Recounts Academic Struggle

'Never Liked To Study': Marathi TV Star Jui Gadkari Recounts Academic Struggle
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Jui gained admission to CHM College through the cultural quota.

Jui gained admission to CHM College through the cultural quota.

She was more interested in singing in shows than pursuing an academic career in both school and college.

Marathi television series Pudhcha Paul propelled actress Jui Gadkari into the limelight, making her a household name among the Marathi-speaking audience. Her memorable portrayal in the serial is still etched in the minds of viewers. Currently, the TV show Tharla Tar Mag is garnering significant interest from viewers and has been leading the TRP charts for the past year.

However, amidst her success in the TV industry, few know about Jui’s academic struggles during her earlier years. In a recent interview with Rajshree Marathi, the actress candidly reminisced about her college years, shedding light on her journey from academic setbacks to television stardom.

Jui confessed that she had little interest in academics during her school days and was more inclined towards participating in singing programs rather than focusing on her studies. Reflecting on her academic performance, Jui remarked, “I never liked to study, so my school days were horrible.” Despite her aspirations to pursue a career in science and become a veterinary surgeon due to her love for animals, her academic results fell short, with her scoring only 58.80 per cent in Class 10.

Undeterred by her academic setbacks, Jui’s mother, who had a background in commerce, advised her to pursue commerce in college. Leveraging her certificates from various singing competitions, Jui gained admission to CHM College through the cultural quota. However, her academic journey continued to pose challenges as she struggled with mathematics, failing the subject in Class 11 with a mere three marks out of 103.

Remarkably, one of Jui’s teachers recognised her potential and allowed her to appear for her Class 12 exams externally. Determined to pursue her interests, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) program. Subsequently, Jui pursued an MBA before venturing into the entertainment industry.

Reflecting on her journey, Jui emphasised her belief in excelling in activities she is passionate about. She candidly admitted, “When I do things that I like doing in life, I excel in them. Otherwise, I am a very stubborn woman.”

Jui Gadkari’s inspiring journey from academic struggles to television stardom is an example of resilience and determination to pursue her passions, resonating with many who face similar challenges in their academic and professional pursuits.

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