Premier League: Enzo Fernandez’s agent denies player’s transfer rumours away from Chelsea

Premier League: Enzo Fernandez’s agent denies player’s transfer rumours away from Chelsea
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After a brilliant display against Aston Villa, Enzo Fernandez’s agent has denied the truthfulness of the claims that the player is planning a move away from Chelsea.

Enzo was one of the best players on the field during Chelsea’s 3-1 win against Aston Villa in the FA Cup on Thursday, February 8, 2024. The player scored the third goal for the Blues with a brilliant goal from a free-kick, sealing the much-needed win for his side.

The win came after a considerable struggle for Chelsea, who suffered back-to-back 4-1 and 4–2 defeats against Liverpool and Wolves respectively in the Premier League. The club’s struggles have gone beyond their recent defeats, with them sitting 11th on the current league points table.

Amidst the loads of criticism about their performance on-field, Chelsea also faced significant off-field problems, which included speculation around players planning to move away from the club. One of the names involved in these speculations was that of the Argentine midfielder.

However, the recent confirmation by Fernandez’s agent, Uriel Perez, has brought added joy to the fans of the Blues. According to Perez, not once did the player plan on a transfer away from Chelsea in the very first year of his contract.

This [the rumours] came out of the London press. I don’t understand why. Both Enzo and I are very clear on what this project is, which was transmitted to me on the day of the World Cup final.” Uriel Perez told ESPN.

Perez stressed that the Argentine was confident about the Chelsea project and is willing enough to wait for it to stabilise and make his mark in the Premier League in the process.

“They [Chelsea executives] were aware that it was going to take one, two or even three seasons for the team to start fighting for important things. But they said that once the team was assembled, it would start to compete for titles. I think the team has a lot of quality, very good players, and the only thing missing is that it fits together,” Perez added.

Enzo has been one of Chelsea’s most consistent players during this rough campaign and his longer stay at the club would only make things easier for the management’s future plans. The Argentine has a long-term contract at the club, which stretches on till 2031.

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Feb 9, 2024

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