Pulkit Samrat Gives Major “Green Flag Alert,” Prepares Halwa For Kriti Kharbandas Family

Pulkit Samrat Gives Major
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7ioj3gh pulkit Pulkit Samrat Gives Major "Green Flag Alert," Prepares Halwa For Kriti Kharbandas Family

Just a few days after sharing glimpses of her “pehli rasoi,” Kriti Kharbanda has now treated us to pictures of her husband, actor Pulkit Samrat, performing the tradition. Yes, giving us a major “green flag alert,” Pulkit, on Thursday, March 28, performed a “pehli rasoi” ceremony. What did he cook? Decadent halwa with lots and lots of chopped dry fruits in it. Kriti shared a series of pictures, showing Pulkit, with a big smile on his face, making halwa in her kitchen for her parents in Bengaluru. In one of the pictures, we also caught the actor deep-frying what looks like bhajiyas. Sharing the photos of the special moment, Kriti wrote a detailed emotional note, wherein she confessed that Pulkit’s gesture made her fall “in love all over again.”

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Along with the pictures, Kriti Kharbanda wrote, “Green flag alert! Ok so something major happened yesterday and I fell in love all over again. I didn’t think this was possible, but yet, it happened. Pulkit ki pehli rasoi happened yesterday. I walked into the kitchen and realised he was making halwa. I asked him what he was doing, and he casually responded, ‘Halwa bana raha hoon, it’s my pehli rasoi.’ I giggled and told him, pehli rasoi ladki ki hoti hai baby. To which his response was, ‘That’s so silly, we’ve both decided to share equal responsibility in this relationship. You cooked for our family back home in Delhi, I’ll cook for our family here in Bengaluru. Simple!’”

Kriti Kharbanda added, “He used the word simple. Yes. So casually he changed everything around and used the word simple. And in all honesty, it was. It was that simple. Pulkit Samrat you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for showing me that you’re the best decision I’ve ever made. Tu sabr ka phal hai baby, sabse meetha! P.S. The pictures aren’t so great because I was too blurry visually from being supremely emo, but really wanted to share this with the world.”

Check out Kriti Kharbanda’s post here:

Kriti Kharbanda also prepared a lip-smacking halwa for Pulkit Samrat’s family, during her “pehli rasoi” ceremony. Read all about it here:

Well, now you can take a look at some of the decadent halwa recipes here:

1. Gur atte ka halwa

This is the easiest halwa which is prepared during most traditional occasions. All you need is wheat flour, semolina and jaggery. Blend it together with milk and a pinch of saffron. Recipe here.

2. Walnut Lauki Halwa

If this is not a nutritional powerhouse then we don’t know what is. In less than an hour, you can relish delicious halwa. Take a look at the recipe here.

3. Anjeer Halwa

Beating the time span of walnut lauki halwa is anjeer halwa that can be prepared only in 20 minutes. And what better way to end your meal than with a piping hot bowl of halwa? Here is your recipe.

4. Beetroot Halwa

Yet another nutritional powerhouse. Beetroot halwa is a winter delight that is prepared using carrots, milk, cardamom and of course beetroot. Don’t forget to sprinkle dry fruits. Click here for the recipe.

5. Sooji Besan Halwa

This halwa recipe is very common in Indian households. Sooji besan halwa is made with pure ghee, and its aroma will honestly make your tummy do a happy dance. Check out the recipe here.

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